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Would You Like To Become a UK Home Owner Without a Mortgage, Hefty Deposit or Being Credit Checked?

Getting onto the UK housing ladder can be notoriously difficult.

Whether you’re struggling to save a deposit, have been been declined a mortgage, have a poor credit rating or even if you're new to the UK.

But with the revolutionary 'Rent to own ' scheme, you can join the UK housing ladder with 100% Home Ownership, making it easy and accessible to become a homeowner within the next five years.

Here's How It Works ...

  • You have an "option to buy" the property (usually todays market value) over a terms e.g:2 to 5 years.

  • Every month you pay the agreed rental price – which is agreed for a term, EG: for 5 years!

  • Pay a simple monthly rental price, for an agreed period of time (the term).

  • Anytime within the agreed term you can purchase the property (when you can qualify for a high street mortgage).

  • When you qualify for a mortgage - you simply exercise your option to buy the house at the agreed price ( congrats now you own your own home).

  • If you decide not to buy, you can sell the property and benefit from any profits – simple.

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Having been in this industry for many years, our team has unrivalled expertise and specialist knowledge in the property industry. For you, this means that our advisers will help you find the right rent to own property in you chosen area.


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